Softplay and a playdate!

Yesterday was such a lovely day!  Ollie went to school in his own clothes because it was the last day of term… he was so excited to go into school for a short day!
Nate and I went to Ballynafeigh Community Centre, to the Sure Start, because they had put on an Easter trip for all the kids that go there.  The trip was to a new soft play center called Funtastic.  Nate hasn’t ever been on a bus, sitting on my knee before… he loved it and pointed out of the window the whole way there.

Funtastic was excellent.  Nate had a blast!  It was a much larger space than any of the other soft plays we have been to before… in particular, the toddler area.  Sometimes the toddler areas are very small… this one was huge and had a mechanised merry go round and boat!


My friend Hannah and I had our lunch there, and fed the kids… I also booked Ollie’s birthday party there.  I had really been struggling with an idea that wasn’t TOO pricy for his party and this place was perfect.  It’s so clean and new and the party room is cute too.


After Funtastic, Hannah and Lilly came to our house for a playdate.  Lilly and nate play quite nicely now that Nate is on his feet.  I think it makes them more on the same level than before when he couldn’t get anywhere.  Some of there mannerisms are so alike!  I’ve known Hannah my whole life, so it’s lovely to see our little ones getting along.

Nate had Lilly’s full attention until Ollie got home from school (Grandpa had collected him from school and taken him for a hot chocolate and a bun which Ollie enjoyed thoroughly)… and then she was all about Ollie.  Ollie thought she was a lot of fun!


For dinner last night I made sausages with onion gravy, mash and mashed carrot and parsnip.  Nate fed himself… and he did it really well!  There wasn’t a single piece on the floor.  That boy loves his food!  So proud of him.  It was the first time I had let him have the spoon himself, but I think the mash was a good first ‘feed yourself’ food because it isn’t runny at all.


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