Fed up of the snow… it’s making me grump!

So first things first, the driving lessons that I had hoped would not be hindered by the snow, have in fact been hindered.  Gah.  I was finally getting rid of my nerves about my ’25 hours over 2 weeks’ intense driving lessons… I was in the ‘bring it on’ frame of mind and had myself all psyched up.  They got cancelled because, although the roads are clear right now, there is more snow due to fall on Wed and Thur this week and there was no point in starting intense lessons to then have a number of days off.  But gah.  I was so looking forward to being able to drive in a month or so… now I’m not sure when the 2 week slot will be.  I’m waiting to find out.
James had to go to Scotland today on business, so I had to drop Ollie into school.  Some pavements are still so full of snow.  The pram wouldn’t budge… it would. not. go!  I had to do a combination of dragging the pram backwards and walking carefully on the road!  It was torture on my arms.

After I left Ollie at school, Nate and I went to visit a friend… a mile from school, the snow had already melted.  It was as if it had not snowed at all.  Bah.

Here are some photos of two little boys who made me not feel so grumpy today!

DSC_0459 DSC_0462 DSC_0471 DSC_0532 DSC_0571 DSC_0537


3 thoughts on “Fed up of the snow… it’s making me grump!

  1. Janmary says:

    Too bad about the driving lessons – but definitely best to wait for clear roads.We still have several feet of snow around here, yet paths and roads all clear elsewhere.


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