This is what spring looks like around here…

Isn’t that miserable?  There was no snow yesterday and we woke up to THIS.  In the middle of March!  It’s Easter next week for goodness sake.  I remember Easter as being the time of year for sunglasses and shorts.  In fact, 3 Easters ago, Ollie was outside in a paddling pool!  What a difference.  Snow on the ground would definitely make an egg hunt easier… the bright eggs would be so easy to spot!

I am also due to start driving lessons (intense course… 25 hours over 7 days) on Tuesday and it is supposedly meant to be snowing until Monday.  Place your bets on whether the snow interrupts my plans!

6 thoughts on “This is what spring looks like around here…

  1. Sheila Skillingstead says:

    We’ve had a bit of snow recently, too. In the PNW you expect rain and lots of it, but snow–not so much. I remember an Easter when it did snow and my Dad carried me into church so my black patent shoes and white anklets wouldn’t get snow on them. Loved the bit about the eggs and the snow but what if you hid the eggs before the snow? Enjoy your day. I popped over from Washington State.


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