Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is my 4th Mother’s Day and my 2nd as a mum of 2!  Nothing in my life has ever been as exciting/ scary/ tiring/ fun, as being a mummy to my two boys has been so far.

This morning Ollie woke me by serenading me with a song he made up himself and James accompanied him on the guitar.  Ollie is always so proud of the things he does himself… he knows how much I love his surprises.  The song went like this:

“Happy Mother’s Day,
To mummy,
Happy Mother’s Day,
To Emma,

James made me a massive breakfast of french toast with maple syrup and bacon… so decadent and awesome!  James often makes this breakfast for birthdays and other special occasions.

We did have plans to go to Belfast Children’s Festival and the Transport Museum today… but those plans fell through when everyone woke up today full of snot and coughs, so instead we have all got up and put on clean pyjamas and are currently snuggled on the sofa under blankets.

James and Ollie are making chicken fajitas for me later… which is a total treat because I do all the cooking pretty much every single day.  I can’t wait to enjoy my evening off cooking!

Having my two boys has been life changing.  I don’t ever dream of pre-baby days because I’m living my dream right now.  I look at both of my healthy, happy, goooooorgeous little boys and I can’t believe they are mine.  I THINK I’m a good mummy and I owe this to my own mum.  She is amazing and I think I learnt a lot from having her at home with us all those years.  I’m glad that I’m lucky enough to be a stay at home mum too.

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