Friday’s Letters

Dear Hubby, thank you for a lovely Valentines evening last night… Japanese takeout and a movie was fun and relaxing and snuggling under a blanket was romantic.  Dear Ollie, SO proud of you and the report your teacher gave dad and I at the parent teacher meeting.  You’re doing SO well!  Dear Nate, you’re still wary of taking more than a few steps… you CAN do it… you just have to be brave!  Dear Skin, liking the new skincare regime?  Me too!  Dear Sick Germs, you missed us?  I assume that’s why you’re back?  Me and both the boys have fallen sick with chest infections, AGAIN.  Sad.  Dear Doctors Surgery, maybe we should start paying rent for the amount of time we spend there!  Dear Weight I Need To Lose, wish it was a bit easier to stay on the wagon… falling off ain’t bringing me any closer to my goal!  Dear Weekend, looking forward to my lie-in tomorrow morning.  Hell yeah.  Dear Home, you’ve been a little neglected the past couple of weeks… if I’m up to it tomorrow/ Sunday I’ll give you a good ole scrub!  Dear Cutest Ever Stationary, I wish I had a use for you.  Anyone want to be penpals with me? Dear Spotify Premium… YES!  You’re so much fun!  Dear People Who Have Twitter, I only need 10 more followers to make 500! (@outmumbered).

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