Ollie update

DSC_0077Yesterday James and I had a parent and teacher meeting at Ollie’s school.  It went so well!  His teacher is so lovely.  She told us that Ollie is getting on extremely well in his first year of primary school… he is super sociable, knows all his phonic sounds and is doing very well with his number work.  His reading is coming along well, as is his written work and the only thing he really needs to work on is keeping his attention on what he is doing, which I assume will come with age.  He is the youngest in his class.
He makes me very proud.  He is funny, so friendly and intelligent.

A couple of weeks ago though, we had a couple of ‘naughty’ days!  He was sent home, with a forlorn face… because his name had been put on the thundercloud!  On the first day, it was because he nipped someone and the second day it was because he hit someone.  We had very strong words with him… and the next week he won Star Pupil on the Tuesday and at the end of the week he was awarded Pupil Of The Week!  He was so upset at being on the thundercloud that he made a massive effort to behave.  Being awarded pupil of the week has really helped his behaviour at home too!  He responds so well to praise and loves to make people happy.  The look of pure pride on his face when he showed me his certificate made my heart almost burst.

Another thing to update is that Ollie is getting over his fussy eating phase.  It was a month ago that we would have arguments each night about what he would eat off his plate and what he wouldn’t… exactly how many mouthfuls he had left to take… this has now all changed.  I started out with serving him a very small plate of new food (stir fry which included beansprouts and pea shoots!) and I told him that if he ate everything on his plate, he could have breakfast cereal afterwards.  The same the next day… he tried peppers and onions.  I noted down what he was eating and showed him the list I was making.  This encouraged him further to try more foods so that they too would make the list.  He doesn’t have cereal afterwards anymore… usually because he has filled up enough on the food I give him first!

One thought on “Ollie update

  1. Dawn says:

    What a great Ollie update. Congratulations on receiving the star pupil award. How exciting – and he should be SO proud.I think the picky eater thing goes in phases…at least with my kids anways. Some days the won’t eat anything and other’s they will eat whatever I serve them.


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