Friday’s Letters

Dear Blog Friends, I’m planning a new month long challenge for February, I’ve had my thinking cap on so let me know if you will be joining in!  Dear Germs, last time we spoke I asked you to piss off… thanks for steering clear of the Hughes household for the last couple of weeks!  Dear Nate, you’ve started taking steps, you clever boy!!  You CAN do it!  Dear Ollie, love you!  Dear Hubby, when are you free to help me with my new blog design?  Dear Slimming World, thank you for helping me lose almost 5lbs so far!  Dear Friday, hello dear friend!  Dear Snow, as lovely as you were on your days here, I am glad to see you go.  The pram won’t push in the snow, which leaves us housebound!  Dear Sleep, sorry we aren’t seeing as much of each other as we used to… I’ve got into the habit of staying up a lot later and I’m enjoying the extra time I have to myself!  Dear Driving Lessons, you’ve been so neglected!  Promise we will get back to it at the end of this month!  Dear January, You’re far too long.  We get paid on Thursday… 6 weeks since we were paid last. AGH.  Dear Me, looking good in those skinny jeans you now fit in thanks to sticking the diet for the last week and a half!  Keep it up girl!  Dear Dublin, get ready for us!  We’re coming to visit in a couple of weeks for a very mini weekend break! 

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