Snow Day!


A couple of days ago it started to snow.  We were all excited because we haven’t had proper snow in a couple of years!  Unfortunately the snow didn’t lie.  It turned to slush pretty fast and come the next morning, it was as if it hadn’t snowed at all.  Ollie was so disappointed… and you could see his eyes turn green with envy when he saw anyone’s photos of their snowmen and sledging!


On Monday evening though, it started to snow pretty heavily and we all kept our fingers crossed, hoping that this winter, Ollie and Nate would get a chance to go outside in the snow at least once!  The snow became heavier and heavier and it all lay.


We woke to a snowy wonderland (or as close as Belfast can come to being a wonderland haha!) and decided to not send Ollie to school.  His school was operating normally but the drive would have been dangerous and goodness knows how long we would have been in traffic for.  We thought it best to keep him home for the day to build a snowman, go sledging and get his homework done.


Nate was in awe of the snow.  He just gazed wide eyed at the whole street being covered in white.  Ollie was excited to get wrapped up super warm and get the sledge out of storage!


When it came down to it, the sledge terrified poor Ollie.  He went down first of all with James, but the hill was pretty big and they ended up being flung out into the snow.  He also had a go by himself on a smaller bit of hill, but that was enough for him.  James had fun sledging down the big hill by himself!


When we got home, James had to get started with work… so Ollie, Nate and I spent some time in the snowy garden!  Nate sat in his pram all cosy and warm and watched Ollie and I build a super cute snowman!  We found a hat and scarf for him, buttons and Ollie made sure he had a carrot nose.  He was named Snowy.


Nate didn’t like the snow once he got to touch it.  He touched it, it stuck to his hand and he cried!  He couldn’t get it off his hand, poor baby.


Once we were inside and had dried off/ warmed up, Ollie kept checking at the living room window to see that Snowy was ok.  It’s going to upset him when Snowy melts though… not something to look forward to.  He keeps telling me he hopes that Snowy will never melt.

2 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Dawn says:

    Awww, this is precious. We live in Minnesota…aka MinneSNOWta, so the snow, sledding, skating and snowman building is all very typical for us. It’s fun to see the excitement through Nate and Ollie. I bet they were in total AWE.


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