Nate’s Birthday Catch Up (Part 2)

As soon as I woke on Saturday, I had a to-do list as long as my arm.  So much party food to make including little man’s cupcake tower.  I made the same cake recipe as I used yesterday (Jamie Oliver’s victoria sponge recipe in case you were wondering!)
DSC_1698 Guests arrived for Nate’s birthday party at 3.  When I was inviting everyone, it didn’t sound like very many, but once they all got into our not very big house, it was FULL.  He was so pleased to see everyone… including a couple of baby friends.  A few of Ollie’s friends came too and Ollie was super excited to see them all.  He spiked his own hair for the occasion.


Nate unwrapped lovely presents which included gift cards, gorgeous new clothes, a Playmobil Noah’s Ark, Laugh and Learn Puppy and a Leapfrog Lettersaurus! Such a lucky little boy!


Ollie took all his friends to his room to play.  The noise that was coming through the ceiling, you would have thought there were 50 people up there instead of 5!!


I made an avocado and mango salad, crackers with cheese inside, ham/ cheese/ pineapple sticks, carrots sticks with humous, potato salad with ham, sausages, sausage rolls and chicken nuggets and 2 pizzas!  For desert there was an apple pie, rainbow jelly, a pavlova, a trifle and tophats that were made by James and Ollie!

DSC_1738 The food went down a treat with the kiddies!


After the food, and after my dad arrived, we lit Nate’s cake.  It made me feel teary walking in with the cake and hearing so many people sing to my littlest man.  My boys are so lucky to have so many people in their life, who love them.  So lucky.

IMG_0173 IMG_0182 Nate loved his bright blue iced cake.  He was a better fan of the icing than the cake itself… just like me!  Good old Betty Crocker!  He got icing all over his hand and then wiped it on his face!  Funny boy!

IMG_0197 IMG_0212 IMG_0228

When we all laughed about the icing on his face, he did it again.  Such a comedian!  IMG_0250 I gave each of the kids a party bag as they left… which included a little notebook, a pen, a pencil, candy sticks, chocolate, bubbles and a squeaky party blower thing… I’m not sure what you call them.  It took all Nate’s might to get a noise out of his but he loved Ollie blowing his at him.

IMG_0259 IMG_0270It took quite a while to calm Ollie down for bed and it took Nate a while to fall asleep… guess that would have been the sugar!  Such a memorable party for my wee man and equally memorable for Ollie.  He has been such a good big brother for a whole year!


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