Happy Birthday! Nate is 1!

photo 2
It doesn’t seem so long ago that Nate was born… it definitely doesn’t seem like a year.  It took us such a long time to fall pregnant with our littlest baby boy… and now that he is here, time is flying by.  I’ve loved the last year.  I love how our little family has grown.

Tonight, as I was feeding him his bottle before bed, he held onto my index finger with his whole hand and it struck me just how much he has grown.  I remember that little hand holding onto the same finger, but the hand being so much smaller.  I soaked up the whole few minutes that he took to drain the bottle.  I consciously soaked it up because in a way I feel robbed of the last year and I wanted to hold on tightly to the last little bit of it.

This time last year I had the most perfect birth… resulting in a perfectly formed and healthy little man.  My SECOND perfect and healthy little man.  How blessed am I?

At 1 Nate can:

  • Say “Hiya”, “Daddy”, “Mama”, “Ssssh” and “Dat” while pointing at something.
  • Blow kisses!
  • Has 7 teeth… very very nearly 8!
  • Can stand on his own and TRIED to take a step today…
  • Has cut down slightly on naps.
  • Loves having baths with his brother.
  • Smiles at everyone and EVERYTHING.
  • His eyes have remained blue and his hair is very fair.
  • Is a fan of sweet things!
  • Loves raiding the bookshelf… the kids one 🙂
  • Loves lunch time.
  • Needs a haircut… he has 2 little sticky out bits above his ears. Ha!
  • LOVES his dummy/ doddy… goodness knows how we will ever take it away!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Nate is 1!

  1. Dawn says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATE! Can’t believe you’re ONE already!! I’ve enjoyed following along on your first year – and will continue to read and watch you grow. 🙂


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