How Time Flies!


I’m sat here thinking of just how bloody fast the last year has gone.  Nate is going to be 1 tomorrow.  He isn’t really even a baby anymore at all… he cruises and crawls and is becoming so much more independent.  I’m not ever going to have that ‘baby baby’ stage again… but I’m ok with that…it’s more a feeling of it all went too quickly.  Each day that passes, and this applies to both of the boys, becomes more and more interesting and exciting with each thing they learn.

I can’t wait to celebrate Nate’s first birthday tomorrow… and Ollie is really excited too.  It’s nice having him know all about birthdays and presents etc and knowing about the excitement to come from the party.  I just hope he is ok with not getting presents, while Nate opens his!  I’ve tried to include him in all the preparation.  He wrote his own card to Nate, chose his own present for him and he even made posters saying “Nate is 1” and “Happy Birthday”.

The presents are all wrapped and the balloons are up, his birthday cake is baked and decorated and his birthday breakfast is all planned.  Ollie has to go to school tomorrow so when he finishes at 2pm, we are all taking Nate to Mookie World, a soft play area near our house.  It will be Nate’s first time there and I can’t wait!  Nate’s party is on Saturday and there will be between 20 and 25 people in our little house.  I have a ton of stuff to do for that, but it can wait until Saturday morning.

And so to bed.

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