Friday’s Letters

Dear Ollie, You’re halfway through your first school year!!  Can you believe it?  I am so proud of the little gentleman you are currently turning into.  Me and you, BFFS.  Dear Nate, You are able to stand on your own now.  I can’t believe you will be 1 in a couple of weeks… I wonder will you be toddling.  You could do it if you had the confidence I’m sure!  Dear Laundry, I’ll fit you in at some point next week.  Let me check my diary.  Dear Husband, It has been so so great having you off work for the Christmas holidays and I’ll be sad to see you go back on Tuesday.  Thank you for looking after sicky me today!  Also, as always, you’re looking pretty hot these days.  Dear Christmas Decorations, Good riddance is all I can say!  You were lovely when you were up but after the 1st January, it just feels awkward having you around!  Dear Month Of January… you are such a money suck!!  Thought you should know.  Dear New Year, It is always so refreshing to see you come around.  New starts, new goals and excitement for the future.  My 2013 is looking very exciting!  Dear Snow, You totally flaked on us this year.  Where WERE YOU?  Our poor sledge lay under the spare room bed for the whole of December, gathering dust.  Dear Sick Germs, please leave my poor, asthmatic chest alone.  I can’t deal with a chest infection right now… or ever.  Dear Me, good job on doing something about your biggest goals!  You’re so L’oreal (worth it!).  Dear Friends, you know who you are… you’re a super important part of my life.  Dear Apple Store, why must it take you so long to deliver our treat!?  Dear Life, as always, loving you.  Dear Blog, loving you too.

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