The Lapland Express

Last weekend, we all went with my mum and stepdad, on the Lapland Express.  It is an old steam engine in Downpatrick that takes everyone to see Santa, a little over 2 miles away.  It has been a tradition for years now, that Ollie goes with Grandma and Grandpa Harry every year, but this year he wanted James and I to come along too.


We went on the steam train and Ollie spent most of the time looking out the open carriage window.  It was also Nate’s first time on a train and he enjoyed it a lot.


When we arrived at our destination, everyone gets off the steam train and gets onto an unused set of carriages that are decorated from top to bottom with fairy lights etc.  The queue then makes it’s way down the carriages and Santa is waiting at the bottom.


It was a lovely Santa visit.  Nate loved Santa’s beard and Ollie was pleased as punch when Santa read through his Christmas letter.  Both boys were given a toy and we took some photos and then we went to get a drink and wait for the steam train to return.

DSC_9987 DSC_9994 DSC_9997

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