Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree


Here is this years tree.  I love our tree.  It’s a 7ft artificial tree and has held up really well over the last few years.  I reckon it will do a while yet.  As I mentioned in a previous post, our tree is made up entirely of decorations chosen by each of us.  It doesn’t match and doesn’t have a theme… we just choose the decorations we like, in the colours we like and it all seems to work together!



I had real bother this year trying to find paper chains… you know the kind that are already cut into strips and you just stick them?  I opted in the end, to do it the old fashioned way and bought some Christmas paper and cut the strip myself.  I love paperchains and Ollie was very impressed when they were all up!


We don’t have a mantel, so these shelves serve as that purpose and hold these cute Christmas blocks.  I got them a couple of years ago and think they look really pretty!


This is Nate’s first Christmas ornament.  My mum bought it for him and Ollie has one that is the exact same.  My mum bought his also, 4 years ago.  I love that they have the same 1st Christmas ornaments.


This is my favourite of all the salt dough decorations we have made in the past few years (apart from the ones with kids fingerprints on!).  I’m thinking about making some as gifts next year.


So many of our decorations are handmade and that’s what I love about our try.  It’s totally unique and very mixed up.  It’s much more interesting to look at and each ornament it’s very own memory.

DSC_9875 DSC_9876 DSC_9879

…and yep… I’ve wrapped almost ALL the presents!  The boys presents have been wrapped for the last couple of weeks!  I’m not normally so organised but this year it has been worth it. I don’t feel as stressed right now as I would have had I not finished the shopping and wrapping.

DSC_9878 DSC_9880

We have a teeny tiny sprig of mistletoe about our living room door.  It’s really hard to find anywhere, so my mother in law gave us a snip of hers.  Don’t our paperchains look really cute?

DSC_9882Last but not least, this is our wreath on our front foor.  I love that it has 3 friendly snowmen on it… I’m more into fun than traditional as you can see!

4 thoughts on “Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

  1. Knitty Mummy says:

    Thats a great looking tree. When we first bought our decorations as a couple we tried to be really careful to get a colour theme – and it looked terrible. When we had kids we shed all the breakable decorations and bought lots of fabric and wooden decorations, in all sorts of colours – and now it looks fabulous.Each year we let the kids choose a new tree decoration, which get put away seperatly after christmas so we remember whose is whose. That way when they leave home they’ll have 18 decorations to put on their own tree (or with the state of the housing market, they’ll leave home at 35 and have 35 decorations!)


  2. April [ThoughtfulEscapes] says:

    I love your tree! It’s so friendly, and how special you have each had a part in what ornaments are on it. I actually got started late this year and have only put lights on our tree – I kind of like it. I’ll definitely want ornaments again next year, but I don’t mind not taking them out & putting them away this year.You made me smile when talking about the paper chains – I actually saw some at Wal-Mart for $4. I love the idea of a paper chain {paper addict} and seeing them up in others’ houses, but they actually drive me crazy in my own {not sure why} :-D. So when I saw the strips of sticky paper for a paper chain I got all excited & then realized I must be crazy ‘cuz I don’t like them in my house :-D!


  3. Shoshanah says:

    We have a few ornaments on our tree which my husband made as a kid and I think are adorable. And while it may not necessarily look sophisticated, there’s still something I really love about those paper chain.And just letting you know I’m stopping by from Kelly’s Korner!


  4. Venassa says:

    Everything looks so pretty, and I absolutely love those blocks.There’s nothing more relaxing than being ready for Christmas with a little time to spare. I did the same this year and it feels so nice.


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