Friday’s Letters

Dear Weekend, Whoop!  No big plans this weekend except to chill with my boys and then staying at my friends house tomorrow night… then out for a driving lesson on Sunday!  Dear Driving Instructor, I’m having so much fun learning to drive!!  Dear Hubby, thank you for everything!  You’re a pretty awesome husband to have!  Dear Laundry, ha!  Think I’m about to win the fight and you will no longer take over the house!  Dear Nate, all you need is a little more confidence and soon you will be toddling on your own!  Dear Ollie, I’m loving hearing little sneak peek snippets of the songs you are learning for your school Nativity!  Dear Bank Account, I know you’ve taken a beating this last couple of months, but Christmas presents are pretty much sorted now!  Dear Sick Germs, nice to see you took my advice and you’ve left our house for a while.  Have a blast while you’re away and don’t come back too soon!  Dear Me, all those great ideas in your head… put them on paper so you can get around to doing them and stop forgetting them!

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