Our Winter Bucketlist!

I love winter, and love all the festivities in the days leading up to Christmas day.  In anticipation of the freezing weather and (hopefully) snow… I’ve made a bucketlist for our family for winter 2012!

  1. The Christmas Elf arrives/ Decorate the tree.
  2. Take a Christmas photo of the boys for Christmas card.
  3. Make paperchains.
  4. Write letter to Santa.
  5. Make cinnamon playdoh.
  6. Make salt dough decorations for the tree.
  7. Go iceskating.
  8. Play in the snow (providing it actually snows!).
  9. Bake snowman cookies.
  10. Make handprint wreaths.
  11. Make Christmas pictures with glue and glitter and paint.
  12. Make handmade gifts.
  13. Listen and dance to holiday music.
  14. Give a secret gift.
  15. Go on a winter ramble.
  16. Make a nature ice collage.
  17. Make Christmas crackers.
  18. Take some toys that are no longer played with, to local hospital/ charity.
  19. Make paper snowmen and paper snowflakes.
  20. Make mince pies.
  21. Go on a night time walk to see the other trees.
  22. Make reindeer food.
  23. Home Alone movie night/ hot chocolate.
  24. Polar Express movie night/ hot chocolate.

Joining up with Mama Kat!

16 thoughts on “Our Winter Bucketlist!

  1. Venassa says:

    Aww that sounds like so much fun. You guys are going to have a blast. I want to make a list, too, but my options are a little more limited since the girls are still too young for a lot of crafty things.


  2. Gill C (A Baby on Board) says:

    That’s such a great photo. Love this list – not only is it making me feel vaguely Christmassy – in November! – but it’s making me feel really excited about doing all these things with my baby when she’s older, as this was everything I loved when I was younger. Found you via Britmums, so hello.


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