Friday’s Letters

Dear Sicky Germs, I told you last week to bug off… why are you still hanging around?  We’re so over being ill!  Dear people who like to read and feel awesome at the same time, you MUST read ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin.  It’s an amazing read and leaves you feeling motivated and inspired.  Dear November, Hello!!  Love this time of year!  Dear Ollie, It’s been lovely having you home this week off school!  Back to normality on Monday eh?  Dear Belfast roads… I’ve booked my first driving lesson for next Sunday!  You better watch out, because I’m about!  Dear Christmas, Halloween is over… nothing stands in your way now!  Dear neighbours, Thanks for filling Ollie’s bucket with treats on Halloween night!  Dear Nate, we really have to get the stairgates up soon… we spotted you trying to climb the stairs today!  Dear readers, sorry for the sporadic nature of my blog lately… life keeps happening, sometimes too fast and before I know it a week has gone past!  Dear Husband… when you upgrade to iPhone 5, pleeeeease let’s swap… you can have this lovely iPhone 4S which is in fabulous condition!  Dear pecan pumpkin pie in the fridge, I wish I had the energy to get up and get you right now.

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