Friday’s Letters

Dear Ollie, I’m so pleased to have you all to myself next week… no school, no early morning drop offs… looking forward to Halloween themed fun! Dear Nate, You’re no longer waking so much in the night… we’re all so pleased. Keep up the good work! Also, good job on growing that extra tooth without us even knowing! Dear Husband, You’re looking very handsome these days <3.  Dear sicky germs… feel free to clear off now. You have totally outstayed your welcome. Dear Pumpkin Spice Latte, I can’t believe I have lived without you for 28 years of my life. Now that you are here how will I ever let you go. I dread the day you are no longer in season. Dear New Season TV Shows… LOVING YOU! Dear Mum, Thanks for letting us dogsit Alfie for you while you guys were away! We had a blast! Dear Christmas, I know a lot of people would like you to take your time getting here but I’m here waiting with open arms. Dear blog readers and friends, Have a great weekend!


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