Mummies don’t get sick days…

…isn’t that rubbish?  I suppose it’s one of the things we don’t think about when we are trying to get pregnant/ are pregnant.  We don’t consider the fact that, if we get unwell, we can’t have the normal duvet day as we could pre-pregnancy.  For the most part, if we are unwell, we have to get up and struggle on.  Women (or stay at home dads!) have had to do it for years and years.

I’m shockingly awful when I’m unwell.  I go into a little pit of despair and whinge and moan and feel sorry for myself.  I find it hard to just get up and go when I’m not well.  It was easy when Nate was a newborn and Ollie was at school… but now I’ve a crawler on my hands, there is no rest in a day unless he naps!

This time though, I don’t have to get up and carry on… my amazing husband has swapped his work days so he can look after Nate, me and Ollie (when he is home from school), but he has to work tomorrow… a Saturday.  I’ve spent the whole night last night, vomiting.  Struck down by extremenausea… the kind where you can only sit still and try and breathe just right in the hopes of calming it.

I’m sure I have a phobia of vomiting… on top of the actual sickness, there is my worry and anxiety that I might throw up again and I’m sure that doesn’t make it any better!  It terrifies me!

My husband is kind of awesome for letting me recover today and putting his work off until tomorrow.  I know how busy he is right now.  He is amazing sometimes and I feel super lucky.

4 thoughts on “Mummies don’t get sick days…

  1. Ojos world says:

    I was thinking about this, whilst reading your blog. I have been so rough this week, in a lot of pain. I’ve been rushing to get the kids ready for school, and limping up the road. If I’d been still working I would have been cuddled up feeling sorry for myself!!


  2. Venassa says:

    I hope you’re feeling better really soon! I have a huge vomiting phobia, so I totally know how you feel about it. I used to be able to get myself so worked up thinking I might be sick, that I actually made myself almost get sick.


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