Ok… so I’ve been totally MIA from the blog.  You know how it goes sometimes… some days are busy, tiring etc… and sometimes you get in a slump.  Well I got in a blogging slump.  I wasn’t stuck for things to write about, I actually have them all backed up in brain, I just felt like doing nothing at the end of the day!  I really didn’t mean to leave it 2 weeks though.

Everything is good here though.  Ollie is LOVING school… he comes home happy every day with something new to show me that he has learnt.  He is recognising letters and the sounds the letters make and not only that but he can write the letters he has learnt too!  They are learning phonics and it’s so interesting seeing how it works.  He started out taking  packed lunches but this week started taking hot school dinners.

Nate’s also doing really well!  He started crawling a few weeks ago but this week he has started crawling PROPERLY and he is having himself a fab time ha!  He can get wherever he wants and it’s definitely time to babyproof the house.  Stairgates arrived today!  He still naps twice a day, 2 hours each time… but even though he sleeps a lot during the day, he is now sleeping through the night.  Thank goodness, it’s about time!

We’re so excited for Halloween!!  This is the first year that Ollie is going to go trick or treating and I can’t wait!  He has a skeleton pirate costume and looks wonderful in it.  It comes with a skeleton mask, pirate hat and a sword!  He learnt a Halloween rhyme in school so I think he will say it when he knocks the doors.  I’ve been telling him what trick or treating is and he is ecstatic at the prospect of a bag full of sweets!

…and it’s not long until Christmas… people freak out when others say that… but it’s TRUE!  I can’t wait.  This year we are going to my mums house for dinner so looking forward to that and it’s Nate’s first Christmas, so it’ll be very special.  I’ve pretty much finished shopping for the boys and all that’s left is James and a few other people.  Easy.

That’s all really!

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