Life lately…

Ollie is really enjoying school.  He has been there almost a month now and just this week, started staying in until 2pm!  It’s really making him tired, but he loved going and has lovely stories to tell each day.  He goes in at 8am, James drops him off for breakfast club.  This means that Nate and I can have a more relaxed start to the day!  Ollie loves breakfast club though… he finds it so funny that they have breakfast IN SCHOOL! Ha!

He gets homework on a Monday, to be completed by the Thursday… and he does a Show and Tell every Thursday!  This week’s topic is ‘Something I am good at’.  He loves this part of school… he has never been a shy kid and loves being the center of attention.

While Ollie has been in school, Nate and I have been going to Mother and Baby groups and on Fridays we go to a wonderful baby massage class!  We’re both really enjoying it so far… and the massages I am learning, I’m able to do on Ollie too!  It’s so strange when Nate and I are on our own… it takes me back 4 years to when it was just Ollie and I.  I’m so happy to be having this one on one time with my littlest guy.  Oh and he is crawling now!!  We have to babyproof the house this weekend!

James is working hard, and in currently working in Scotland one overnight a week.  It sucks, but is not anywhere near as bad as when he was away when Nate was a newborn.  This is bearable! 🙂

I sent off my application for a provisional licence, today.  We’ve already paid for all my lessons, so it’s just a case of waiting for the licence and then getting started.  I am TERRIFIED.  I’m sure once I get the first lesson over and done with, I’ll feel ok.  The prospect of being able to drive is exciting… we won’t have to stand in the rain waiting for buses… Nate and I could go anywhere while Ollie is in school… so many pros!


3 thoughts on “Life lately…

  1. Dawn says:

    Sounds like Ollie is really enjoying school and HOORAY for you and Nate to have some special one on one time together. 🙂 I’m excited for you to get your license!! :)))))))


  2. Heather says:

    This is such a cute picture. I love it when my son and daughter are hanging out together like this. My daughter just adores her baby brother and I’d say he’s rather fond of her too!


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