8 Months Update!

At 8 Months, Nate is:

Wearing size 4+ nappies
Fits size 9-12 month clothes really well
Still wakes in the night for a feed, even though he doesn’t REALLY need it
Wakes at 6.30am every morning
Is trying his damnedest to crawl… kind of drags himself
Teething super hard on his top two front teeth
Has 2 bottom teeth
Such a content baby most of the time and chats away
Can walk really well while holding hands
Has a great pincer grip to feed himself little things
Likes Ollie’s toys more than his own!
Sleeps 3 1/2 hours during the day
Loves going to mother and baby group
We’ve just started a 6 week baby massage course!
Says Dadadada and what sounds like ‘Hiya’ when I enter the room!
So far isn’t fussy about food… he will eat anything
Loves his big brother

3 thoughts on “8 Months Update!

  1. Venassa says:

    I’m super glad my daughter likes to sleep in, but it just occurred to me that that means I’ll soon have to wake HER up to get ready for daycare. I guess sometimes it pays to have an early riser.Sounds like you’ve got an easy boy. And what I wouldn’t do for that much naptime in the run of a day :p


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