Ollie’s first day at school…

… was a huge success.
It started off rocky when we woke up 45 minutes later than we should have giving us just an hour to get ourselves all ready to go.

I got the boys fed… gave Ollie rice krispies with sliced banana on top and I told him it was super food, to get him all powered up ready for his big day at school.  He thought this was funny.

It actually didn’t take us as long as we thought, to get ready and out the door.  In fact, we were ready and had enough time left, that we had to just sit about waiting for it to be time to go… I of course, used this time to take photos!  OH my, how smart did my big boy look in his uniform.  He looks so grown up and handsome!

Ollie was pretty excited the whole way there and kept grinning at me from his seat in the car.  We got to school with time to spare, but he was desperate to get out of the car and into school.  We went and stood at the front with the other parents and kids waiting for the doors to open.  There were some kids there he recognised from his year in preschool.

When we got to the classroom, Mrs. Foster greeted us and she took Ollie to hang his coat… he was able to spot his name himself.  She then took a photo of the two of us and then Ollie kind of wandered off and immersed himself in the goings-on of the classroom… yep, he didn’t need me anymore.  I know Mrs. Foster will love him to pieces for me though 🙂

He was all biz when we picked him up.  He really enjoyed his day and we made him a special dinner (his request was roast chicken and gravy… so I delivered!), Grandma and Grandpa came over to share it with us and we had pink donuts for desert.

When do you reckon he will get his first set of homework!?

17 thoughts on “Ollie’s first day at school…

  1. Nicole says:

    Your son does look very cute in his school uniform. I hope he is enjoying his school days still. I hope you are finding some extra time to yourself now with just the baby at home. Happy SITS Day to you!


  2. Venassa says:

    Aw I’m glad he had such a good day! And I also hope that I can get as many good photos of my daughter’s first day of school as you did. Sometimes at the most important moments I forget to take pictures.


  3. Andrea says:

    Hello from St. Louie! Stopping in from SITS. Awww… So sweet. My daughter started kindergarten this year and it was bittersweet. She allowed me to come in with her the first day or two but then after that told me just to stop the car and let her go in on her own! Wah! To add insult to injury she has lost 3 teeth in 3 weeks an now looks like a 1st grader!


  4. Carli says:

    What a cutie! I love that he was so brave and “didn’t need” you (I’m sure he does you just taught him to be independent 🙂 ). It’s also great that grandma and grandpa came over to celebrate.Happy Saturday Sharefest!


  5. Kate says:

    He looks so cute in his uniform! Sounds like he had a great first day, and how wonderful to have such good photos of it! Did the teacher give you the picture she took, or I wonder if she has some kind of project planned for all those photos…Visiting from Saturday Sharefest 🙂


  6. *Bleep* says:

    I can totally relate. This year marks my son’s first year in HIGH SCHOOL. Oh my goodness did I cry my little heart out. Embrace this time and know that it goes quickly. Best of luck!


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