Dear Ollie, On Your First Day Of School…

Dear Ollie,

Tomorrow is a huge day… the hugest day in your life so far.  Tomorrow you start full-time education!  Quite a big change.  It’s your first day of PROPER school… pre-school was preparation for this day!  You’ve grown so much this past year.

You aren’t scared about tomorrow… not even slightly, but then again you’ve never been one to worry about being somewhere new… with people you don’t know… or without me. You’ve always been independent that way and I love that about you.  You’re so brave.  I’m not surprised that you aren’t nervous.

Pre-school taught you so much.  It taught you how to share properly, how to be a good friend to fellow classmates and it taught you manners  but this year you are going to learn SO much more.  It’s so exciting.  You will learn how to read, how to write… you will learn basic math and you will learn songs.  I so look forward to having you come home to tell me everything you learnt each day.

Not every day will be easy though… you will face challenges.  Sometimes classmates will be mean… sometimes you will find the work hard… but your teacher is there for you during the day and I am  here for you all the time.  I hope you will listen to the best of your ability and really give everything your best shot.  Try your hardest in all that you do… and show kindness to your classmates.

Me and daddy are so proud of you.  We are proud of who you are and of who you will become.  This is your life and it’s unfolding before our eyes.

Have an amazing day tomorrow honey bee.  I love you more than you will ever know.


4 thoughts on “Dear Ollie, On Your First Day Of School…

  1. Granma says:

    Amen to all the above Ollie. Add to that Granma and Granpa Harry. We wish you well on your first day and hope that you have a fandabbydozy time at school and make lots of new friends. You are such a great boy we know your teacher will just love you to bits. How fortunate SHE is to have YOU. Just be the kind helpful boy you are and good friends will be attracted to you. Smile and enjoy. Can’t wait to hear all your news tomorrow when we finish work.Love and hugs from Granma and Granpa Harry. xxxx


  2. Venassa says:

    He looks so grown up, like he’s stressed about work, drinking his morning coffee and answering his emails on his phone :pThat’s great that he’s not nervous at all. It’s a million times easier for everyone.


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