Friday Letters

Dear Ollie… 3 more sleeps and you will wake up Monday morning ready to start Primary School!  I’m so excited that you are starting this chapter in your life.  So proud of you.

Dear hubby… Thanks so much for agreeing to do the morning drop offs.  This means a lot to me and Nate as it means we can have more productive/ fun mornings.

Dear car… I do, very, very much intend to be driving you soon.  I’m scared… probably not as scared as you though!

Dear me… WHOOP, you’ve actually done what you should have been doing and you’ve been decorating.  Have a pat on the back 🙂

Dear body… stop craving the junk food.  It’s no good for you and it’s making you look flabby.  Cut out the junk to reveal your true hotness 🙂

Dear Nate… something is upsetting you and me and daddy would love to know what it is.  Last time I said this, two teeth came up days later, but this time I can see no sign of a tooth…

Dear blog… So loving you right now.

Dear Christmas… not long now!!! I missed you and can’t wait to get in the spirit of things this year.  This year will be Nate’s first Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Friday Letters

  1. Heather says:

    I was just about to get cross with you for mentioning Christmas but then you reminded me it’s my son’s first Christmas too and that’s rather exciting. I know he won’t know what’s going on but I imagine he’ll definitely be sat there eating the wrapping paper!


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